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First Post!

Alright folks, this is my first post! Who’s excited?! Click on the About link above for an in depth description of the blog. I don’t have much experience with blogs, so this will be a learning process. You’d think taking all these IT classes I might be better at such things, but so far not so much…it took me twenty minutes to figure out how to change the subtitle! And I can’t figure out how to do a smiley face without it looking like a little emotocon thingy…wtf.

Anyhow, this blog isn’t about my information technology woes, it’s about my fitness woes! So, obviously I’m a little late in challenging myself to 12 races in 12 months since January is almost over. I’m going to end up doubling up in one of the spring months to make up for January. My first race will be on Superbowl Sunday, Feb 5th, in Ellicot City: the Penguin Pace! I also hear they’re serving a fabulous brunch afterwards that will be catered by the Furnace Inn….for those of you who have ever eaten there, you know why I chose this race! I always try and choose races with the best post-race food. Clydes 10k is the best one I’ve found so far, SUCH an awesome spread! Plus two free beers…you really can’t go wrong. Not to mention the course is challenging but still a fun 6 miles.

Now you can see why I need to finish this challenge!!!!!

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