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Planet Fitness: Home to Reisterstown’s finest

Alright…two weeks from Sunday is Race #1 of the season. I’ve got a pretty well-rounded (so horrible) workout routine going right now. M-Th, run for 30 minutes and then do a half hour of the fab moves I learned at bootcamp when I could still afford the fancy shmancy gym! Now I suffer through them on my own, looking like a dummy doing lunge kicks and burpees in the middle of Planet Fitness, where basically nobody knows what a burpee is and everyone looks at me like I’m an idiot for jumping about. (I must admit, I do avoid my own reflection while doing these because I do in fact look like an uncoordinated dummy). Once a weekend I plan on doing a longer run, although I haven’t quite had time on any weekend as of yet…maybe this weekend will be the one! Back to Planet Fitness….as some of you know, I recently had to make the hard decision of whether or not to switch from Brick Bodies (aka $50 a month gym) to Planet Fitness ($10 a month!) I’m sure all of you are riveted in your seats to hear about how PF is going, so I’d like to share a few fun experiences I’ve had since I joined. This could actually double as a list of Don’t EVER do this at your local gym.

1. A few days ago while I was running on the treadmill for 40 minutes a man got onto the machine next to me and proceeded to walk at speed 2 (less than the speed of walk) and talk on his phone the ENTIRE time he was on there, which ended up being half an hour. Not only was he speaking loudly, but this happened to be the day that I had forgotten my headphones, AND he was speaking completely in spanish. So not only was just hearing his loud voice right next to me super annoying, but I couldn’t even understand his conversation to eavesdrop on it!

2. Today a man next to me, again on the treadmill, was trying a fun new workout. I’m just assuming this workout was new to him since he was huffing and puffing and groaning like someone had kicking him straight in the balls. I’m not talking “phew, what an intense workout,” huffing and puffing, I’m talking “OHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!! ARRRRGGgGghhhghgggggg!!!!!!”. This time I DID have my headphones, but I could totally still hear him loud and clear. He might as well have gotten into my iPod and screamed in my right ear. What was he doing that was so hard? Why, he was running sideways on the treadmill. Some sort of side-shuffle! And to make matters even more awesome, he kept losing his balance and flailing his arms out. Now not only did I have to listen to his ridiculousness, I had to worry about getting wacked in the face by his meaty arms.

So far these are the most quality of my PF experiences, but I’m sure there will be more to come. Don’t even get me started on the guy who raps aloud to his music while he “lifts,”……

Brick Bodies, I miss you dearly.

2 thoughts on “Planet Fitness: Home to Reisterstown’s finest

  1. Very funny post. For some reason, some people struggle to deal the concept of personal spce when they go to the gym. You can definitely make the arguement that people change when they go to the gym. Keep the blogs going. They are fun to read.

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