Races Update!


Obviously my blogging skills are still very low, so this post will be about the past 2 races I’ve run! The picture above is of myself and my two awesome coworkers who also love to run!! We relayed a half marathon at the NCR trail and this picture was taken before the race while we still looked halfway decent in our awesome outfits!  The race was sponsored by, and in support of, an amazing organization called Back on My Feet. Check it out if you haven’t heard of them, they’re doing some great things for the homeless community in cities across the country. Anyhow, there were prizes for the best team outfits, which is why we are dressed so badassly! You can’t tell in the picture, but our shirts have a little coffee pot drawn on them (courtesy of my AMAZING drawing skills……not sure how I managed to get an art degree!!!) with an empty dial on them, and our team name was Running on Empty. Pretty Cleverrrr! Race day was relatively cold and dreary, but we kicked butt. Rachael ran 9:30 min miles which is super badass, Charis ran her 3m leg of the race faster than she’s ever ran it before, and I didn’t die during my leg!! Overall I’d call that a success! I have a great “token beater” as I like to call them. This is the person that beats me that always makes me feel like the WORST athlete in the world. And the one at this race was pretttty good. There was a team of semi ‘older’ (in comparison with myself of course) ladies, probably in or around their 50s, who wore aprons and carried mixing spoons as they ran. I was the last leg of the race, and as I started out on my 5miles, the last leg of their team ran past me. Now, when I say run what I really mean is SPRINT LIKE CRAZY. This lady was trucking like nobody’s business, it took her about 30 seconds to pass me and be out of my sight. THAT was the “token beater” of this race.  High fives for their team, cause they effin smoked us!! All in all it was a great race, though, there were even BBQ pop chips at the end!!

Last weekend was Clyde’s 10k in Columbia. Now, anyone that has spoken to me about this race before knows that I love this race because of the amazing feast they provide you with afterwards. Seriously, it is AMAZINGGGG. Sausage rigatoni, grilled veggies, white bean chicken chili, yogurt and granola, sandwiches…the list goes on. Not to mention free beer…which I never wait in line for because I’m more concerned with the food! This was my third year running this race, and this year I came away with QUITE a lot to gripe about!! So…let’s start with the shirts! Great shirts this year! They were great material, very nice. HOWEVER! When you sign up for a race you sign up for your shirt size, then when you pick up your shirt you get your shirt size that you signed up and PAID for! Not this time! This time they apparently let people choose their sizes at packet pickup, therefore people chose sizes that they didn’t sign up for…therefore I ended up with a LARGE shirt. The same size my husband, who is 6 ft tall, got and FITS! I’m relatively bent out of shape about this, as I really like race shirts and love this race! What really iced the cake on this one was when I asked the shirt giver outer man for my small, which is what I paid for, and he basically yelled at me, “Only got large or extra large MA’AM! TAKE YOUR PICK!” Oh YAY! Just let me take my pick!! WHAT A SELECTION! Check your shirt giving attitude at the door Shirt Man, I don’t care how many times you’ve heard that people wanted smaller sizes….THEY WANTED WHAT THEY PAID FOR! As did I, so poor shirt man may have gotten a bit of grouchy attitude from me. My bad.

Now for the race, I didn’t run it last year because it was my sister-in-law’s bach party the night before and I would have been in no shape for running, so I didn’t even bother signing up. So I’d had two years to forget just how many HILLS this race has to offer! I remembered the big hill, but holy S the whole race was a big hill!! You’d push yourself up one hill and be like DAMN I KILLED THAT HILL TIME TO LET UP A BIT! And BAM another hill was in your face…bigger than the last. Spirit crushing! As was the lady running behind me the entire race telling her 7 year old about the marathons she had just completed, so this was like nothing. She even SANG on the hills to encourage her daughter. I HATED HER. It was all I could do to keep pushing myself forward and not turn around and trip her. She probably shaved a little time off my race, I was trying to get away from her that bad. Almost as annoying as those people with the paper “high fives” at the Baltimore Running Festival…put your happy high fives away, my lungs are melting, I can’t feel my feet, and I’m miserable!!! My last gripe would have to be the people who run this race very fast and then SPRINT down to the food and take ALL of the good stuff, I’m talking walking away with entire  BOXES of food that is meant for everyone to share, and then sit down and picnic with it. All the slow folks get to watch your stuff your face with fresh strawberries while we get to eat spotted bananas. SHARE YOUR STRAWBERRIES! And don’t take an entire box of snack sized cracker packets. Just take a couple PACKETS of crackers, you aren’t supposed to procure the ENTIRE box. Just because you are fast and speedy doesn’t mean you deserve more crackers. The rest of us now have to wait in a 20 minute line for food, and with my luck get stuck between teenagers wearing skinny jeans tucked into sneakers (really?! when did that become cool) who won’t shut up about how their gym teacher is here wearing really short running shorts ewwwwwww so gross!! He probably won the race you dumbasses, and why are you in line for food anyways…you certainly didn’t run wearing that outfit!

Overall it was a great day!! We had a great time, the food was awesome, and the weather was perfect for running 🙂 There is always a lot for me to grouch about, obviously, but it’s all in fun! My coworker Charis ran too, and it was her first 10k ever!! Congrats to her!!! My husband Chris ran as well and beat the crap out of me, but I was very proud of him as well. I’m working on finding another 10k for May…but since I seem to have plans EVERY WEEKEND in May (how does that happen!), I’ll have to squeeze it in somewhere!!