Don’t Let the Sag Wagon Get You!!

Oh man, it’s the for sure truth, I’ve gotta be the world’s worst blogger in the history of blogging!! I’m constantly having ridiculous things happen to me and thinking, gee, what a good post this experience would make! Then that night instead of posting I watch One Tree Hill on Netflix and pretend I’m not thinking about cheese enchiladas and fettucine alfredo every second of every day. Damn my lactose intolerant body and the propensity for cheese to make me gain weight like a waterbuffalo!

Before I get off track ranting about dairy and carbs, I should talk about my latest race! It was a doozy! First of all, it was 10 miles, so right there, it’s already a sh*t length, in that it’s WAY too long. My legs and joints (ok so my whole body) were not made to run that many miles. Unfortunately, I have a small addiction to running races…look at the great shirt I got for finishing this one!! Secondly, for a half mile during the beginning of the race it actually HAILED. That was along with the unbelievable downpour that went on for a few miles. Hey, it’s way better than sunshine and heat!

Where has Instagram been my whole life?! It makes all my phone pics look badass like this one!

So anyways, the 10miler had a specification that I somehow neglected to see on the website when I was signing up: “All participants must maintain at least a 12 minute per mile pace. Participants unable to do so by the 8 mile mark may be advised they are no longer official participants and may be required to either board transportation or move to the sidewalk and obey all pedestrian traffic rules. Those individuals that continue may cease being official participants and may not receive an official finisher’s time or finisher’s premium. This rule will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. THE COURSE WILL OPEN TO VEHICLE TRAFFIC AT 9:45 am.”

I didn’t add any of that bold text either, that was the race coordinator. All last week I was freakingggg out about this rule and was convinced that the sag wagon was going to be on my heels the entire race, waiting to pick me up and take me on the ride of shame back to the start. Not only would I miss out on finishing the race, but I wouldn’t receive the amazing shirt!! However, I was being ridiculous for nothing, and ended up running my best race of the summer! My pace was 11m/mile, and that was with stopping at every water station! What?! I might just see my 10min miles resurface again in the near future!

On a closing note. Today when I was at Wegmans, my favorite place to spend two hours every week, I watched a man in the parking lot let go of his cart to open a large bag of chips he had just purchased. Not only did the cart go flying away from him down the parking lot, but he then had to run after it, chips flying. Awesommme.