Tough Mudder!


After Mud Mile

So per usual I suck at getting my posts written in a timely fashion! The Mudder was over two weeks ago and I’m just now getting my S together and blogging about it. In my defense I did get the mud flu after the race and was sick for about a week!! Yuck. My body was definitely letting me know that it was NOT PLEASED with getting smashed into mounds of mud. Wish I could have documented the bruises that I acrued from this extravaganza, but sadly, I slacked on that as well! My amazing teammates did, however, purchase underwater cameras for the race, which was an awesome idea! I’ve stolen some of their pics, as you can see above and below!

So, this is not an easy race. I had run the 10-miler two weeks before it, and had been doing a lot of bootcamp workouts to prepare, but sh*t, it was not a walk in the friggin park. First of all, how do you train to jump into a bucket of ice-cold water, and then swim under something in that water? (Literally, a giant bucket of water FILLED with ice) For those of you New Englanders…going to the ocean in Maine has got NOTHING on this ice water. It was hard to even catch your breath. Here is a picture of me in the icewater.

Ahhh it’s cold!

Looks like fun right?! I love that it looks as though I’m trying to keep my hands above the water…good luck with that, dummy, you have to go under!! Did I mention that this obstacle is named the Arctic Enema? So another obstacle that I didn’t specifically train for, and certainly paid for it, was leaping over trenches that were a couple feet wide. Maybe it was my short stubby legs or maybe it was my inability to judge distances well, but either way I SUCKED at this obstacle. And it was the 2nd one. At one point I completely missed the edge of the trench and crashed my neck/chest into it instead of landing deftly on my feet. Not an amazing feeling, especially since for the next few miles I felt as if a UFC fighter had roundhoused me in the lungs. Luckily my team was quite supportive and walked with me while I wheezed along. Around mile 5, somewhere after the Hold Your Wood obstacle (walking 1/2 mile while holding a log…I managed to find a mini log) I began to feel better.

Large mountain of hay to climb over!

View from the top…that’s me on the left!

Some more pics for your enjoyment! The two below are some of my faves, just because I’m making ridiculous faces in them, which, as most of you know, is my style. But justifiably! In the first one I am about to army crawl through a bunch of electrified wires (it sounds worse than it really is, trust me….although I’m pretty sure these ones weren’t on, since the last obstacle also had these same wires and they were DEFINITELY on!). In the second one I’m just being silly, and wasn’t really that fazed by this obstacle, which was crawling through a tunnel dug out of the ground. It was actually beginning to lightning then, so I didn’t mind being undergound!

I’m effin nervous!!

Trench Warfare!

Needless to say, there is no way I, or probably about 90% of the other women who competed, could have completed this course without the assistance of our male team members, and all of the other helpful men running around throughout the course. Seriously, it was such an awesome event, everyone helped each other. I, on the other hand, did not help anyone, except to yell, “Yay!!” in encouragement. I was in serious NEED of help on these next two obstacles below. The first, the Berlin Walls, are a set of walls that the boys had to basically hoist us up and over. I definitely grinded a good bit of dirt into the shoulders, backs, and faces of my teammates while stepping on them to get over…sorry guys!! The second obstacle pictured is Everest. A 1/4 pipe we had to run up, and our teammates had to hoist us up and over the edge. This was a bit of a struggle, but I was determined, and had to recruit the assistance of random man on top of Everest by yelling like a spazz at him, “grab my leg, GRAB MY LEG!!!” … Classy.

They’re still smiling, this is before I stepped all over them.


Don’t I look like a badass next to these guys?! Makin’ my way over those walls!



Oh, and p.s….both of us (the girl in front of me was my teammate btw) made it up this obstacle first try. Cause we are awesome. (and because that guy grabbed my leg)

I’ll leave you with the last picture we took on the course right before the last obstacle, Electroshock Therapy (running through water and hanging electric wires charged to 10,000 volts…whaaat?!).

All smiles because we think it will be easy like the last shocking obstacle…but no!





Pre Tough Mudder Post of Terror!

Alrighty, so as some of you may already know, this weekend I’m participating in the Tough Mudder. What uuup! For any of you who don’t know what the Tough Mudder is, check out the video below!

Who’s excited for my badass video embedding skills!! I’ve been superrrr stressed about this course, I mean sh*t who are we kidding, I’m not exactly a fitness badass. But hey, I’ve been training a crap load, and I think I’m gonna do alright! I’m not really excited for the whole getting electrocuted thing, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining it to be!!! We’ll see. Have I mentioned that the rest of my team consists of actual fitness badasses?! Sheeesh, it’s gonna be a fun filled day!!!

On a side note, as I’ve been writing this I’ve also been watching The Lucky One. Holly moly…super hotness! I mean, the movie is whatever, but the hot man in it!? Heck yes. I bet he’d effin crush the Tough Mudder. I say all this but I literally have no clue what is name is….the guy who was in 17 Again (also an amazing movie, if you’re into that craptastic sort of stuff).

Ok enough about chick flicks! Back to the pre mudder terror-fest! Like I said, I’m pretty nervous, but what I’m really fearing is relatively amusing actually. I bought these new short pants….I guess capris is a better term, but short pants is what came to mind…anyhow, I bought them for the race because I wanted something that would be light weight after swimming, but also long enough to sort of protect my knees. So basically I just spent $40 on some shmancy Under Armour spandex pants that don’t go all the way down my leg. Hence me calling them short pants. I’m not getting to the point! They are THIN pants, and they are the kind you aren’t supposed to wear underwear with (sorry if that’s tmi). Soooo here is my dilemma: What if they rip on something and I’m not wearing undies?! So basically I have to wear them (the undies), because even though chances are my ass won’t snag on something, now that I’ve thought of it, I can’t stop thinking about how horrible it would be….I’m running a course that is over 10miles long, with over 20 obstacles that include running up a quarter pipe, carrying an actual log, jumping from twenty feet into ice water, and getting electrocuted…and what am I worried about?! My pants ripping.