One Beer = One Donut?! WHAT.

I’ve officially switched gyms! I’m very happy with my choice. I feel like working out around others that have a desire to do dynamic, exciting workouts is much more inspiring than working out around Planet Fitness’ ‘let’s walk on the treadmill on speed two and talk on the phone for twenty minutes and call it a workout’ patrons. AND at the new gym, Red Brook Health & Wellness, there is a Fall Fitness Challenge going on! What whaaat! I love a challenge. Especially one that makes me work out so much that I can’t move afterwards (it doesn’t take much). 

Anyhow, when you complete certain workouts, cardio, strength, bootcamps, running distances, etc., you get a certain point value, and the team with the highest point value wins at the end of the five weeks. There are couple pre-designed workouts that are worth bonus points that each participant can complete once a week. These workouts are NO JOKE. But I’m obsessed with them because I want to get as many points as possible!

We get weekly advice from our team captain, and this weeks advice was nutrition related! Helpful, right? Or maybe just DEPRESSING…because he informed us that one beer does the same to your body that one donut does!! I already don’t eat donuts because of how bad they are for me…but I do drink beer(s)!! Now that I have this picture in my head of eating a sixpack of donuts instead of beer…I’m gonna have to change my ways for sure…very upsetting!!! He did, however, suggest we drink 3-4 glasses of red wine per week as our only alcohol intake…that’s only one bottle!! And since I already had two last night…


Guess this weekend will be filled with glasses of water…yay hydration!

I’m running a 5k this Saturday, which should be fun, I’ll make sure to post about it in a timely fashion as opposed to my regularly SUPER SLOW posting style.


You Know You’re Old When…

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, which is a little sad…so I thought I’d write about all of the silly occasions I find myself thinking it. I know this is a fitnessish themed blog, but whatever, there are some mentions of such things in here!

You know you’re old when: (or at least I know I’m getting old when:)

  • Being irresponsible involves drinking caffeine after 12pm. This is VERY irresponsible on my part, because I know for a fact that I’ll be up until at least midnight, when I’ve already committed to being at the gym at 6:15am. DUMB.
  • When you make plans to do anything at 6:15am…seriously. Four years ago I never would have made such ridiculous plans!
  • When you can’t stay up past 9pm on a Friday night. (or a Saturday for that matter).
  • When you become more concerned about the fact that you’ll have to give up coffee when you get pregnant than with giving up alcohol. And no, I am not trying to get pregnant, don’t get excited.
  • When you’re married and it’s actually socially acceptable for you to get pregnant, and people start asking you when that is going to happen. This one still boggles my mind!
  • When you are late to a flip-cup tournament because you had to go to the gym, and when you get there you play with water. (don’t worry, I had a little wine on the side, but all that beer drinking would wreck my next day!!).
  • When hangovers last the WHOLE next day. I can’t believe I used to go work a double at the restaurant hungover. Granted, I was a show, but I don’t think I could do that at all nowadays. These days I can barely move off of my couch to answer the door for the pizza delivery dude if I’ve had drinks the night before.
  • When you get heartburn. LAAAAME. And a total sign your body hates you.

Exciting stuff, right?!

Festival of Running

This past weekend was the Baltimore Running Festival! Good times had by all, per usual. The only gripe I have is finding people in the “celebration village” afterwards. I love that it’s called the celebration village. It should be called ‘where the eff are my teammates, I thought I saw them but now I’ve lost them, I’m just going to get some beer and hope they find me” village.  Our relay team killlled it this year, with two members running under ten minute miles, go them!! I had a personally good day running a little over 10min miles, which I haven’t been able to do in awhile!

Taken at 5am, pre race!


All geared up, ready to run!

I had a pretty good race day actually. Sometimes I get really grouchy during my run (I secretly hate getting off the couch…) and all the happy people begin to anger me. But this race day I was much more positive! I got to run by a man who put up a big sign, proposing to his girlfriend who was doing the run…that was awesome!! And I ran through the zoo again, past the penguin! I do like that they bring out the animals for us, mostly just the birds, but some runners freak out about the penguin and stop and turn around to go see it. In this case, I was annoyed when some girl stopped RIGHT in front of me screaming about the penguin. Come back another day to see the penguins, I bet they have a whole herd of them….flock?…gaggle?? I don’t know the correct term for a bunch of penguins…

Our badass medal!

Relaxing after my leg, waiting for my teammates to find me!

The 9.5% beer that I had at lunch afterwards that gave the world’s worst 5pm hangover!!


Now I’ve got it into my head that maybe running 6 or 7 miles isn’t enough……maybe I should run the half again next year?! Ah.



Baltimore Running Festival Race Day!!

I thought this photo was appropriate because I’m wearing my Baltimore Relay shirt from last year in it…Of course I also look ridiculous…which makes it even more appropriate!

     The race is tomorrow and I’m SO excited! I get really revved up for race day, no matter what race it is! Race atmospheres are so positive and enthusiastic (qualities I sometimes need more of, for sure). Race day always makes me feel like I am an awesome running bad-ass. Which, obviously, is the truth. In my head at least.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my excitement for race day!! I love the whole experience…going to packet pickup (ok, this is usually a sh*t show of a time, but I still like it), running with people that are AMAZING and are doing the full marathon, and, of course, eating snacks and having beers after the race!! It’s always such a good day filled with fun times and good people!

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!!!