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Festival of Running

This past weekend was the Baltimore Running Festival! Good times had by all, per usual. The only gripe I have is finding people in the “celebration village” afterwards. I love that it’s called the celebration village. It should be called ‘where the eff are my teammates, I thought I saw them but now I’ve lost them, I’m just going to get some beer and hope they find me” village.  Our relay team killlled it this year, with two members running under ten minute miles, go them!! I had a personally good day running a little over 10min miles, which I haven’t been able to do in awhile!

Taken at 5am, pre race!


All geared up, ready to run!

I had a pretty good race day actually. Sometimes I get really grouchy during my run (I secretly hate getting off the couch…) and all the happy people begin to anger me. But this race day I was much more positive! I got to run by a man who put up a big sign, proposing to his girlfriend who was doing the run…that was awesome!! And I ran through the zoo again, past the penguin! I do like that they bring out the animals for us, mostly just the birds, but some runners freak out about the penguin and stop and turn around to go see it. In this case, I was annoyed when some girl stopped RIGHT in front of me screaming about the penguin. Come back another day to see the penguins, I bet they have a whole herd of them….flock?…gaggle?? I don’t know the correct term for a bunch of penguins…

Our badass medal!

Relaxing after my leg, waiting for my teammates to find me!

The 9.5% beer that I had at lunch afterwards that gave the world’s worst 5pm hangover!!


Now I’ve got it into my head that maybe running 6 or 7 miles isn’t enough……maybe I should run the half again next year?! Ah.



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