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One Beer = One Donut?! WHAT.

I’ve officially switched gyms! I’m very happy with my choice. I feel like working out around others that have a desire to do dynamic, exciting workouts is much more inspiring than working out around Planet Fitness’ ‘let’s walk on the treadmill on speed two and talk on the phone for twenty minutes and call it a workout’ patrons. AND at the new gym, Red Brook Health & Wellness, there is a Fall Fitness Challenge going on! What whaaat! I love a challenge. Especially one that makes me work out so much that I can’t move afterwards (it doesn’t take much). 

Anyhow, when you complete certain workouts, cardio, strength, bootcamps, running distances, etc., you get a certain point value, and the team with the highest point value wins at the end of the five weeks. There are couple pre-designed workouts that are worth bonus points that each participant can complete once a week. These workouts are NO JOKE. But I’m obsessed with them because I want to get as many points as possible!

We get weekly advice from our team captain, and this weeks advice was nutrition related! Helpful, right? Or maybe just DEPRESSING…because he informed us that one beer does the same to your body that one donut does!! I already don’t eat donuts because of how bad they are for me…but I do drink beer(s)!! Now that I have this picture in my head of eating a sixpack of donuts instead of beer…I’m gonna have to change my ways for sure…very upsetting!!! He did, however, suggest we drink 3-4 glasses of red wine per week as our only alcohol intake…that’s only one bottle!! And since I already had two last night…


Guess this weekend will be filled with glasses of water…yay hydration!

I’m running a 5k this Saturday, which should be fun, I’ll make sure to post about it in a timely fashion as opposed to my regularly SUPER SLOW posting style.

3 thoughts on “One Beer = One Donut?! WHAT.

  1. 1 beer might = 1 donut in calories and sugar but I am way happier about having a beer than a donut. I think this should be taken into account when comparing the 2.

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