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You Know You’re Old When…

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, which is a little sad…so I thought I’d write about all of the silly occasions I find myself thinking it. I know this is a fitnessish themed blog, but whatever, there are some mentions of such things in here!

You know you’re old when: (or at least I know I’m getting old when:)

  • Being irresponsible involves drinking caffeine after 12pm. This is VERY irresponsible on my part, because I know for a fact that I’ll be up until at least midnight, when I’ve already committed to being at the gym at 6:15am. DUMB.
  • When you make plans to do anything at 6:15am…seriously. Four years ago I never would have made such ridiculous plans!
  • When you can’t stay up past 9pm on a Friday night. (or a Saturday for that matter).
  • When you become more concerned about the fact that you’ll have to give up coffee when you get pregnant than with giving up alcohol. And no, I am not trying to get pregnant, don’t get excited.
  • When you’re married and it’s actually socially acceptable for you to get pregnant, and people start asking you when that is going to happen. This one still boggles my mind!
  • When you are late to a flip-cup tournament because you had to go to the gym, and when you get there you play with water. (don’t worry, I had a little wine on the side, but all that beer drinking would wreck my next day!!).
  • When hangovers last the WHOLE next day. I can’t believe I used to go work a double at the restaurant hungover. Granted, I was a show, but I don’t think I could do that at all nowadays. These days I can barely move off of my couch to answer the door for the pizza delivery dude if I’ve had drinks the night before.
  • When you get heartburn. LAAAAME. And a total sign your body hates you.

Exciting stuff, right?!


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