Will run for wine

Check out the sweet wine glass we got at the finish line of our latest race! This race was an 8k, so about 4.97 miles…dreadfully close to 5…of all vineyard running. I never knew vineyards could be so treacherous!! I was straight up running in giant long grass, up straight up hills, over gofer holes, down treacherous ravine-like hills…it definitely wasn’t boring that’s for sure!! That is what I love about unique races like this one; while they are very challenging, they are very fun at the same time because there is something new around every corner…except in the case of this race, something new = some new giant hill!! My butt muscles were killinggggg me. Like crazy. BUT! When we finished there were some yummy snacks! Unfortunately they were heartburn central…orange juice, red wine, cider….very heartburny!! (where is my embarrassingly large bottle of TUMS when I need it) They did, however, have great double chocolate cookies…AWESOME. Another pitfall: … the BEES and SPIDERS at this place! WTF. I had to do an army roll off of the bench to avoid a bee! (Don’t worry, my foot got caught under the bench so it looked more like a flop on the ground accompanied by a squeal…pretty un-army-like. But in my head after two glasses of wine it looked cool. )

A week prior to this Rachael and I had also done the first ever Towson 5k. Check out my amazing pic above. That’s us before the race. Our faces are blurry cause I looked kinda dumb so I made us that way. Purposeful blurring! Gotta love instagram. Anyhow, this run went really well! Rachael ran amazing 8:43 min miles and I ran under 10 min miles (ok, just barely, but hey it’s been awhile since I’ve run faster than a 10 min mile pace!!) Very exciting. Should have seen Rachael take off! She was a speed demon, one minute right in front of me, the next minute I’m at the top of a giant hill and she’s at the bottom rounding the corner! She really is the best workout partner ever, because she loves the exact opposite things that I do. Anything leg related, she loves, and I HATE. Lunges?? Rach is in. Pushups??! Rach is out and I am in! It’s great because it pushes us to push each other, which we definitely need!!!

Next race on the horizon? Virginia Beach 10 miler! December 8th, I’ll be driving down on the 7th with my awesome friend Lynne and we’ll be spending the weekend there! Very excited.