Paleo Bashing

I’m super proud of how well I’ve been doing in my attempt to adopt a more paleo lifestyle. I allow myself a cheat every week, but other than that I’ve been very strict, and what’s great is that I feel awesome, both emotionally and physically. It is amazing what a difference putting good food into your body can make. I guess I never really realized it until I really buckled down and made an effort to plan out my meals and choose not to give in to my carb cravings. Once I got over the first couple weeks, the cravings were less and less, and then once my body started feeling so great, it didn’t seem worth it to put any processed food into it anymore. I’m even LOVING drinking my coffee black now! So yummy.

Mostly I've been sticking to decaf, but today I treated myself to some caffiene!

Mostly I’ve been sticking to decaf, but today I treated myself to some caffeine!

I’m NOT bashing anyone’s way of eating AT ALL. Let me just get that outta the way. People tend to act offended and/or defensive when they hear that someone is paleo or primal. Why? We aren’t attacking your way of eating. If you feel good in your body then by all means, eat whatever you want!! I will be jealous of you, because if I could eat whatever I wanted, it would be amazing. But when I go down that road, my body is sad. Anyhow, I guess I just wish people’s reactions were different…The hardest thing about sticking to this lifestyle is dealing with other people. Isn’t that ridiculous? Yeah, it is hard to not eat my favorite foods every day, but after a while that struggle goes away, like I said. But people don’t go away. Which is annoying, because everyone always has something to say about eating paleo or primal. “Oh…you eat that way…” and “well what DO you eat?!” or “But whole grains are HEALTHY!!”

Don’t get me started on what is ‘healthy’. I feel very strongly on this subject since I’ve done more research and really tried eating a variety of different ways. It bothers me that America’s version of healthy is simply slapping a label on a product that says LOW CALORIE, or 100 CALORIE PACK!!! Sweet, those over processed mini cookies filled with a hundred ingredients nobody has ever heard of, only have 100 calories…THEY MUST BE GOOD FOR ME!!! I mean, they aren’t poison. And they aren’t BAD for you, but if you’re looking to put something into your body that is healthy, don’t put preservatives and processed sugar and who knows what else in…chop up some veggies, eat a salad, scramble an egg, shred some chicken! …. uh oh, I’ve gone off the deep end a little! But I think it is important to understand what you’re putting into your body, where it came from, and how it affects you overall. Definitely something worth thinking about.

Who wants to see my lunch yesterday?! I knew you did…


Shredded crock pot chicken, seasoned ground beef, and spring mix it up!!


Hair Cutting Extravaganza

So, going along with my trying new things attitude…I agreed to cut Chris’ hair last night. I am not a stylist. I have never cut hair before. I have never used clippers before. I thought they were only for head shaving. Little did I know!

So, I cut Chris’ hair, and I did a pretty good job!! I was pretty excited about it, and so was he! Which was a relief, because I definitely thought I was going to mess up and he’d have a bowl cut, which would be pretty awkward for him. And me. I don’t think I could have handled that.

Look what a fab job I did!


He then cut my hair, which is also pretty complicated, but since I have pretty long hair, and want it to stay that way, we just a few inches off. It someone got a bit messed up, there are tendrils coming out of my braid, but it’ll even out eventually! I’m officially the least girly person alive. My toes are painted pink right now, though! Extra girly points for that.

I was looking at my calendar and my next race is coming up so fast already!! And April appears to be packed with races for me…I’m running the 10miler at the St. Charles Running Fest. In case you want to join me, there is a 5k as well, here is the link! I tried to get Chris to run the 5k (really I just want someone to drive all the way down there with me, it’s a bit of a trek) but he declined 😦 Who wants to come?! I bet there are snacks!!!

I am then volunteering at the Tough Mudder on April 20th, ( I really want to run it on the 21st but a. I have no team and b. I would have to stay over night on the 20th and I have no hotel…hmmm) And then on April 28th I’m running a 5k! So, April will be filled with fun!

P90x Fest

Have any of you tried P90x before?! I decided I’ve heard so much hype, I wanted to give it a wirl. I only had time between an appointment and getting ready for work this morning to do about half of the first disc, which is Chest and Arms. So maybe my impression isn’t fully acurate because I haven’t done a. the entire first disc, and b. ANY of the other discs…but my impression so far is that P90x, while challenging, yes, is FULL OF CHEESE! At one point while instructing his workouters to do an exercise with weights that resembles starting a lawn mower, he actually says, “Pull it harder, rin rin rin riiiiin!” (I’m not sure if that is how you spell the lawn mower noise…but you know what I’m saying) Now, I’m sure there is an experts term for this exercise, but of course I don’t know it. You know who I’d expect to know it? The ripped guy on P90x. You know who I’d expect to make those silly comments? Me, not the ripped guy. When the ripped guy makes ridiculous comments, that makes me want to stop 90x-ing and lay on the floor. Is this just me? I know…I get easily annoyed with annoying people. Sorry. It’s hard to take annoying people seriously. Thankfully, after finishing my half hour of cheese-filled working out, I figured out you can turn off his cheese comments and only hear the prompts to change exercises. Yay!!

So, despite the cheese, I did get a pretty good workout from just the half hour of P90x that I did this morning. And I definitely skipped a couple of the exercises because I didn’t know I was going to need dumbells. I’ll have to snag some of those…then I can do the lawnmower exercise!!

I was really excited to get my pullup bar in the mail the other day…unfortunately it only fits in our bedroom door. I was hopeing to put it in the basement, but ohhh well. I took a picture of it because I was oh so excited, and look who snuck into the pic! What a creepster!


I’ll keep up with the P90x and let you know how it goes! Kitty will cheer me on…

Shamrock 1/2 Marathon Weekend


Yayyy I finished! Despite being worried that I wouldn’t be able to run, due to a rather unfortunate knee twisting, foot bruising incident a week before the run, I did in fact cross the finish line after 13.1 miles! This was my second half marathon, the first being the Baltimore Half, which I ran in 2009. A. That seems like ages ago, B. That race was way harder, so many more hills! I (we, really, I ran it with Chris) definitely ran the entire time during that race, and finished 2:31. This half I MOST definitely stopped for 20 second walk breaks almost every mile, and also had to walk for what felt like several minutes to peel off several layers, and still I managed to finish 2:37 this race. Yay for flat races with very little hills!! I was pleased with my time…really I was just happy to finish.

Over the weekend I did many new things! I tried a grilled lettuce salad, it was AMAZING! I didn’t take a picture 😦 Sorry. But it had chicken and feta and tomatoes and balsamic over grilled romaine hearts. YUM. Never knew grilled lettuce would be yummy! This was on Saturday night (the race was on Sunday…annoying), so everyone was out celebrating St. Patrick’s day that night…so it was a show. After dinner we went to a bar (I was not partaking obviously) and there was an ice luge, a DJ, and EVERYONE was dressed up and extra drunk. And it was only 6pm. Virginia Beach is a good time! Chris and I were impressed.

Here’s me during dinner the night before the race…I don’t know what my hair is doing going all crazy across my forehead…


Did I mention how cold it was on Sunday morning?! OMG. First of all, it was SO NICE on Saturday. Like hey I don’t need a jacket at all it is too hot to be wearing a long sleeve shirt kind of nice. Then comes race day, 7am race start, which equals being out the door at 5:30am, and it was 33 degrees and SO WINDY. So windy that you could hear the crashing surf two blocks back from the ocean over all the race crowd. So of course I’m real grouchy, I put on way too many layers because I hate being cold, and the race didn’t actually start until almost 7:30!! I hate anything that isn’t running on time. Here is me pre-race, all bundled…I don’t have matching gloves, it’s a fact.


Any how, after about mile one I lost that grey sweatshirt, and by lost I mean I considered running with it tied around my waist for about two seconds, and then threw it on the side of the road. Bye bye grey sweatshirt. Then at mile three I peeled off two more layers and stowed the gloves…it got real cold again when we ran for a few miles along the ocean, but that was further into the race so it wasn’t that bad. At that point you just don’t give a shit and keep going.

Anyhow, I finished, yay! Here are some post race pics.


The post race party area was awesome, lots of happy people and no lines for beer!


Warning: Cheesy Quotes

The quotes in this blog are cheesy. Like dripping with cheese. But guess what? I eat that shit up. I love it. Why? Because after stepping back and realizing that they actually send a great message, they become more inspiration then just cheesy goodness. (This paragraph has me craving cheese quesadillas…)

Recently I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with how one can simply sink into a comfortable routine, and forget about how important it is to live life while you have the chance. I’m in grad school, I do boat loads of homework, I sign up for races, so I allot time for running and training…and then in between all of that, I try to get enough sleep to keep this routine going. Then I stop and realize that we are already almost three months into 2013?! And what have I really done with those three months? Lost a few lbs, finished another semester of school, can run a little further and lift a little heavier…which are all great, and I’m proud of all of these accomplishments, but I find myself wanting just a little bit more out of life if it is going to insist on going by so fast!

In June I’ll be turning 28 (ah!) and this is the first time I’ve felt grouchy about an upcoming birthday. More and more it feels as though I can’t fit enough into a year. So, I’ve come up with a plan to further my life experiences, and fit as much into my life as I possibly can. I have found myself craving new things, having new experiences, gaining new skills…and so on. Keyword being “NEW.”

So, a few weeks ago I discussed this with my husband, who I love for listening and understanding exactly where I’m coming from. I decided I would commit to trying one new thing each day. This seems easy, right? I had no idea how difficult it would be. I’ve come to realize that if I don’t pre-plan my new commitments, they won’t happen…it isn’t easy to remember to do something that you’ve never done before. So, I got around to creating a list that I can work off of…and I figure a good way to stay accountable to this commitment is to blog about it.

So, since I finished the 12 races in 12 months that I committed to last year, I’ve decided this is my new commitment for the remainder of 2013. Try new things. Blog about them. (Don’t worry, I’ll only blog about the interesting ones…not: today I tried a new toothpaste, it was gross, cause all toothpaste is horrible.) I’m also continuing my races, and will most likely bore you all with blogging about those as well, although not one every month this year, since I’ll mostly be signing up for longer, more pricey ones, and don’t want to go broke!