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Warning: Cheesy Quotes

The quotes in this blog are cheesy. Like dripping with cheese. But guess what? I eat that shit up. I love it. Why? Because after stepping back and realizing that they actually send a great message, they become more inspiration then just cheesy goodness. (This paragraph has me craving cheese quesadillas…)

Recently I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with how one can simply sink into a comfortable routine, and forget about how important it is to live life while you have the chance. I’m in grad school, I do boat loads of homework, I sign up for races, so I allot time for running and training…and then in between all of that, I try to get enough sleep to keep this routine going. Then I stop and realize that we are already almost three months into 2013?! And what have I really done with those three months? Lost a few lbs, finished another semester of school, can run a little further and lift a little heavier…which are all great, and I’m proud of all of these accomplishments, but I find myself wanting just a little bit more out of life if it is going to insist on going by so fast!

In June I’ll be turning 28 (ah!) and this is the first time I’ve felt grouchy about an upcoming birthday. More and more it feels as though I can’t fit enough into a year. So, I’ve come up with a plan to further my life experiences, and fit as much into my life as I possibly can. I have found myself craving new things, having new experiences, gaining new skills…and so on. Keyword being “NEW.”

So, a few weeks ago I discussed this with my husband, who I love for listening and understanding exactly where I’m coming from. I decided I would commit to trying one new thing each day. This seems easy, right? I had no idea how difficult it would be. I’ve come to realize that if I don’t pre-plan my new commitments, they won’t happen…it isn’t easy to remember to do something that you’ve never done before. So, I got around to creating a list that I can work off of…and I figure a good way to stay accountable to this commitment is to blog about it.

So, since I finished the 12 races in 12 months that I committed to last year, I’ve decided this is my new commitment for the remainder of 2013. Try new things. Blog about them. (Don’t worry, I’ll only blog about the interesting ones…not: today I tried a new toothpaste, it was gross, cause all toothpaste is horrible.) I’m also continuing my races, and will most likely bore you all with blogging about those as well, although not one every month this year, since I’ll mostly be signing up for longer, more pricey ones, and don’t want to go broke!

4 thoughts on “Warning: Cheesy Quotes

  1. I was sitting here contemplating a run (as in super short run with the pup that includes him stopping to pee on EVERYTHING). Anyhooo, I was lacking a little motivation and then I read this post and I’m very inspired by you Amy! Good luck with new things 🙂 I admire what you are doing. Going to go run now!

  2. Count me in!! I definitely want to do a race this year and the relay is super fun! Let me know when you’ll be signing up.

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