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Shamrock 1/2 Marathon Weekend


Yayyy I finished! Despite being worried that I wouldn’t be able to run, due to a rather unfortunate knee twisting, foot bruising incident a week before the run, I did in fact cross the finish line after 13.1 miles! This was my second half marathon, the first being the Baltimore Half, which I ran in 2009. A. That seems like ages ago, B. That race was way harder, so many more hills! I (we, really, I ran it with Chris) definitely ran the entire time during that race, and finished 2:31. This half I MOST definitely stopped for 20 second walk breaks almost every mile, and also had to walk for what felt like several minutes to peel off several layers, and still I managed to finish 2:37 this race. Yay for flat races with very little hills!! I was pleased with my time…really I was just happy to finish.

Over the weekend I did many new things! I tried a grilled lettuce salad, it was AMAZING! I didn’t take a picture 😦 Sorry. But it had chicken and feta and tomatoes and balsamic over grilled romaine hearts. YUM. Never knew grilled lettuce would be yummy! This was on Saturday night (the race was on Sunday…annoying), so everyone was out celebrating St. Patrick’s day that night…so it was a show. After dinner we went to a bar (I was not partaking obviously) and there was an ice luge, a DJ, and EVERYONE was dressed up and extra drunk. And it was only 6pm. Virginia Beach is a good time! Chris and I were impressed.

Here’s me during dinner the night before the race…I don’t know what my hair is doing going all crazy across my forehead…


Did I mention how cold it was on Sunday morning?! OMG. First of all, it was SO NICE on Saturday. Like hey I don’t need a jacket at all it is too hot to be wearing a long sleeve shirt kind of nice. Then comes race day, 7am race start, which equals being out the door at 5:30am, and it was 33 degrees and SO WINDY. So windy that you could hear the crashing surf two blocks back from the ocean over all the race crowd. So of course I’m real grouchy, I put on way too many layers because I hate being cold, and the race didn’t actually start until almost 7:30!! I hate anything that isn’t running on time. Here is me pre-race, all bundled…I don’t have matching gloves, it’s a fact.


Any how, after about mile one I lost that grey sweatshirt, and by lost I mean I considered running with it tied around my waist for about two seconds, and then threw it on the side of the road. Bye bye grey sweatshirt. Then at mile three I peeled off two more layers and stowed the gloves…it got real cold again when we ran for a few miles along the ocean, but that was further into the race so it wasn’t that bad. At that point you just don’t give a shit and keep going.

Anyhow, I finished, yay! Here are some post race pics.


The post race party area was awesome, lots of happy people and no lines for beer!



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