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P90x Fest

Have any of you tried P90x before?! I decided I’ve heard so much hype, I wanted to give it a wirl. I only had time between an appointment and getting ready for work this morning to do about half of the first disc, which is Chest and Arms. So maybe my impression isn’t fully acurate because I haven’t done a. the entire first disc, and b. ANY of the other discs…but my impression so far is that P90x, while challenging, yes, is FULL OF CHEESE! At one point while instructing his workouters to do an exercise with weights that resembles starting a lawn mower, he actually says, “Pull it harder, rin rin rin riiiiin!” (I’m not sure if that is how you spell the lawn mower noise…but you know what I’m saying) Now, I’m sure there is an experts term for this exercise, but of course I don’t know it. You know who I’d expect to know it? The ripped guy on P90x. You know who I’d expect to make those silly comments? Me, not the ripped guy. When the ripped guy makes ridiculous comments, that makes me want to stop 90x-ing and lay on the floor. Is this just me? I know…I get easily annoyed with annoying people. Sorry. It’s hard to take annoying people seriously. Thankfully, after finishing my half hour of cheese-filled working out, I figured out you can turn off his cheese comments and only hear the prompts to change exercises. Yay!!

So, despite the cheese, I did get a pretty good workout from just the half hour of P90x that I did this morning. And I definitely skipped a couple of the exercises because I didn’t know I was going to need dumbells. I’ll have to snag some of those…then I can do the lawnmower exercise!!

I was really excited to get my pullup bar in the mail the other day…unfortunately it only fits in our bedroom door. I was hopeing to put it in the basement, but ohhh well. I took a picture of it because I was oh so excited, and look who snuck into the pic! What a creepster!


I’ll keep up with the P90x and let you know how it goes! Kitty will cheer me on…

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