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Hair Cutting Extravaganza

So, going along with my trying new things attitude…I agreed to cut Chris’ hair last night. I am not a stylist. I have never cut hair before. I have never used clippers before. I thought they were only for head shaving. Little did I know!

So, I cut Chris’ hair, and I did a pretty good job!! I was pretty excited about it, and so was he! Which was a relief, because I definitely thought I was going to mess up and he’d have a bowl cut, which would be pretty awkward for him. And me. I don’t think I could have handled that.

Look what a fab job I did!


He then cut my hair, which is also pretty complicated, but since I have pretty long hair, and want it to stay that way, we just a few inches off. It someone got a bit messed up, there are tendrils coming out of my braid, but it’ll even out eventually! I’m officially the least girly person alive. My toes are painted pink right now, though! Extra girly points for that.

I was looking at my calendar and my next race is coming up so fast already!! And April appears to be packed with races for me…I’m running the 10miler at the St. Charles Running Fest. In case you want to join me, there is a 5k as well, here is the link! http://www.stcharlesrunfest.com/ I tried to get Chris to run the 5k (really I just want someone to drive all the way down there with me, it’s a bit of a trek) but he declined 😦 Who wants to come?! I bet there are snacks!!!

I am then volunteering at the Tough Mudder on April 20th, ( I really want to run it on the 21st but a. I have no team and b. I would have to stay over night on the 20th and I have no hotel…hmmm) And then on April 28th I’m running a 5k! So, April will be filled with fun!

2 thoughts on “Hair Cutting Extravaganza

    • You should cut your own! Especially if nobody will ever know! Mine is slightly crooked but I wear it down so rarely that I could care less 🙂 Love that it took me a month to realize I had this comment sitting here!! Sheesh.

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