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Paleo Bashing

I’m super proud of how well I’ve been doing in my attempt to adopt a more paleo lifestyle. I allow myself a cheat every week, but other than that I’ve been very strict, and what’s great is that I feel awesome, both emotionally and physically. It is amazing what a difference putting good food into your body can make. I guess I never really realized it until I really buckled down and made an effort to plan out my meals and choose not to give in to my carb cravings. Once I got over the first couple weeks, the cravings were less and less, and then once my body started feeling so great, it didn’t seem worth it to put any processed food into it anymore. I’m even LOVING drinking my coffee black now! So yummy.

Mostly I've been sticking to decaf, but today I treated myself to some caffiene!

Mostly I’ve been sticking to decaf, but today I treated myself to some caffeine!

I’m NOT bashing anyone’s way of eating AT ALL. Let me just get that outta the way. People tend to act offended and/or defensive when they hear that someone is paleo or primal. Why? We aren’t attacking your way of eating. If you feel good in your body then by all means, eat whatever you want!! I will be jealous of you, because if I could eat whatever I wanted, it would be amazing. But when I go down that road, my body is sad. Anyhow, I guess I just wish people’s reactions were different…The hardest thing about sticking to this lifestyle is dealing with other people. Isn’t that ridiculous? Yeah, it is hard to not eat my favorite foods every day, but after a while that struggle goes away, like I said. But people don’t go away. Which is annoying, because everyone always has something to say about eating paleo or primal. “Oh…you eat that way…” and “well what DO you eat?!” or “But whole grains are HEALTHY!!”

Don’t get me started on what is ‘healthy’. I feel very strongly on this subject since I’ve done more research and really tried eating a variety of different ways. It bothers me that America’s version of healthy is simply slapping a label on a product that says LOW CALORIE, or 100 CALORIE PACK!!! Sweet, those over processed mini cookies filled with a hundred ingredients nobody has ever heard of, only have 100 calories…THEY MUST BE GOOD FOR ME!!! I mean, they aren’t poison. And they aren’t BAD for you, but if you’re looking to put something into your body that is healthy, don’t put preservatives and processed sugar and who knows what else in…chop up some veggies, eat a salad, scramble an egg, shred some chicken! …. uh oh, I’ve gone off the deep end a little! But I think it is important to understand what you’re putting into your body, where it came from, and how it affects you overall. Definitely something worth thinking about.

Who wants to see my lunch yesterday?! I knew you did…


Shredded crock pot chicken, seasoned ground beef, and spring mix it up!!

One thought on “Paleo Bashing

  1. No paleo bashing here! I too wish I could eat whatever I wanted and not feel ill. I’ve developed so many allergies over the past couple of years (veganism being largely to blame), that the primal way of eating is all I have to hold onto.

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