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Whole30 Day 1

Goodbye wine!


So last night I said goodbye to all things yummy for the next thirty days. The picture above is the remnants of my goodbye glass (bottle…) of wine. I also ate pesto tortellini and cheese enchiladas. What better snacks and beverages for a Whole30 sendoff? Maybe some brownies…but dessert is far less important to me than pasta and cheese!

What should I have been doing last night instead of wining and dining myself? Preparing Whole30 compliant meals for today of course! Which I didn’t do, which means my breakfast and lunch were lacking in certain areas…as in they were a banana, three apples, and almond butter…and a salad that I ended up having to buy because I was starving. Cooking and planning are necessary for the success of the next 29 days for sure.

For dinner I ended up making browned ground grass fed beef, topped with an over easy fried egg, with a healthy portion of sauted green beans in olive oil. YUM! I was thinking of making meat loaf, but that seemed too time-consuming, I was starving. I put aside half of the ground beef and green beans for my lunch tomorrow, and for breakfast I’m going to have scrambled eggs with some sort of veggie.

Whole30 Day 1…so far so good!!

Now I just have to get through Grey’s Anatomy night with no wine!!!

2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 1

  1. i really like your blog page. very nice layout and like reading a book! for free! Congratulations on your 30 days to better health!! you can do it!!! Hope all is well!!
    Jon Pickering
    -former employee of
    -THE Macaroni Grill

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