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Back on the Whole Train!

Back on the Whole Train!! (like soul train…) Bad joke?! I think not. The cheesier the better!! Speaking of cheese…I miss it! I made Chris a vat of cheesy beef enchiladas for din din last week and holy eff did I want to eat them. But I flexed my self control muscles and didn’t even have a BITE! Everyone should be impressed, because if there is anything I’m in love with…other than my husband…it is cheese!!!

I actually had some appetite issues last week, as in I didn’t have any appetite, which, if you know me, is basically not possible. Even when I’m SUPER ill, I still want to eat massive amounts of meatloaf, cheese burgers, etc. However, last week I was on a new medication for one of my many ailments (my body hates me in my older than 21 age) and it really messed with me. I lost all appetite, was dizzy, had to leave work…it was disastrous. So eating was an issue, and basically all I ate last week was apples, bananas, and eggs. Can’t get enough eggs. A friend of mine recently brought Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled egg recipe to my attention…DOUBLE YUM. Check it out below! Obviously I don’t get all fancy with the mushrooms and tomatoes…and ignore that hunk of bread!! I also attempted eating some sweet peppers stuffed with tex mex seasoned ground beef and veggies…but that made me feel sick. 😦 I have no appetite for meat and I don’t know what to do with myself!!! More eggs and avocados I guess…

This week I’ve finally gotten my appetite back which has been awesome, I was afraid I was going to get sick of eggs!! Not sure that is possible though…anyways…here is a picture I took of my amazing eggs with some avocado I threw on top…extra YUM!IMG_1077[1]

You know what I thought would be super hard about eating paleo? Drinking my coffee black. I used to dump a whole lotta sweetener crap with who knows ingredients into my coffee. But now, black is definitely the only way I can take my coffee…it actually tastes like coffee!! Plus I know there aren’t any mystery ingredients in there, always a good thing. However, you really can tell when you’re drinking BAD COFFEE when you take it black. And sometimes…my coffee ain’t that good. Like, tastes like sour feet…or what I’d imagine they’d taste like at least…see below.


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