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Whole30 Results/Review/Lowdown


That sounds real official doesn’t it? Well, I’m not that official. When you take the Whole30 plunge, they recommend you take before and after pics, as well as take before and after measurements. Well, I kept saying I was going to do that……and now I’ve finished, and I never got around to doing that…sorry for being so lazy. I really like before and after pics…of other people…before and after pics of myself…that just sounds awful. I also kept saying that I was going to use the fancy dancy scale at my gym, that measures your body fat perectage (1. how does it really do that, and 2. gross, I don’t really want to know)…but I didn’t do that either. I know, I know – I suck. But shit son, I was busy holding myself back from taking a bath in a bucket of wine for 30 days!

Anyhow, before we get into before and after shenanigans, I want to point out that before and after weight is NOT what this is all about. (yes, I lost weight, YES, I’m happy about it, duh). As I talked about in a previous post, completing this elimination diet was mostly so that I could tame my stress and anxiety bad eating habits (hello tub of pasta and multiple hard ciders, I’ve had a bad day…) and create a healthier relationship with food. I’d love to say that I’M 100% CURED and will NEVER stress eat again!! But who are we kidding, that just isn’t the case. On the plus side, post Whole30 I am so much more conscious, of WHY I am eating. Am I really hungry?? Or am I just being a blob on the couch and associate couch with face stuffing?? Do I want that alcoholic beverage because I enjoy it (who doesn’t…) or because several insurance companies hung up on me before 11am??(probably this option).  It’s good to be aware of when and how and what you are putting into your body, and HOW IT AFFECTS YOU.

Here’s where my results get real interesting. During my Whole30, I felt amazing 100% of the time. I had one day where I thought I might be getting a head flu, but other than that I felt amazing. LITERALLY as soon as I jumped off the Whole30 train into the “normal food” world again…I felt sick. Tuesday night was my first foray into cheese, Wednesday morning I could barely make it out of bed. Over the weekend my parents visited, and with them came boxed rice mixes, fried food, wine, and more mexican food. OMG everything tasted amazing. Thing is, I felt awful almost the entire time. My stomach freaked the eff out, and couldn’t handle it at all. I’m going to go ahead and say with a high level of certainty that I have stomach sensitivities to dairy and gluten for sure, and that drinking alcohol is just CRAPPY for you, but how is that surprising…I can also say that eating anything processed, out of a box, with ingredients I’m unsure of, will result in a sad tummy.

I’m really happy that I’ve given myself a chance to see what a difference it can make to avoid these foods that are so horrible for my body. Before I used to just say, “oh well, it’s worth it.” But now with this perspective, I’m beginning to go back on this way of thinking. Sometimes, it IS worth it. Mimosas with girlfriends on a Sunday = worth it. Nachos and beer on a Friday night for no reason = not worth it, and will also ruin any Saturday activities I have planned (farmer’s market!)

Now, as far as weight loss/inches lost/pants size down/I feel awesome about myselfness: I lost 12 lbs, I lost inches but since I didn’t measure myself I have no idea how many but it just feels that way, and I lost 2 pants sizes. WHAT UP. I went shopping for new skinny jeans pronto, cause those are just REAL convenient and cute I’ve decided. I know, they’ve been popular for a long as time, but I’m behind the times, always, with fashion, so give me a break.

Here’s a pic of a REALLY non Whole30 thing that I indulged in over the weekend, as well as the new hutch my dad built for Chris and I!! Love it so much! The Coronita did NOT sit well. But holy moly was it tasty.

IMG_1090[1] IMG_1089[1]

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