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“Everything in moderation” … most annoying phrase ever

I follow a LOT of fitness gurus and fanatics on Facebook and Instagram (and Twitter, but I don’t really understand how Twitter works, so I don’t really go on there very often). I really enjoy the inspirational posts, the workout ideas, the dedication they have towards living the healthiest lifestyle possible, and especially their attitudes about themselves. They really tout the idea of being happy with who you are, and not to work out and eat healthy because you hate yourself, but because you LOVE yourself, and want to be the best you can be. A good message for all, because it is so easy to forget what you’re working towards, and get down on yourself.

However…if I see #everythinginmoderation one more freakin time, I may flip out. I’m down with #livinthefitlife, #fitnesslifestyle, and even #fitandfab…but seriously, something about Everything In Moderation makes me want to throw things. Probably because the things I should have in moderation (cheese, wine, pizza, fried food, chips, rice, nachos, all dips known to man, everything that goes out in cute little bowls and on trays at parties) I want to eat in the opposite of moderation. I want to crush that shit. Picture a dog finding a real gross dead animal and rolling around in it in ecstasy. That’s what I want to do to that vat of spinach dip. Or queso. Come on people. Sausage queso dip with Fritos…who doesn’t want to get all up in that. (my stomach, that’s who)

Just wanted to throw that out there. It’s so easy to paint a picture of what an amazing person you are via social media these days. The “I’m going to the gym, yay!” status on Facebook, the, “Look what healthy food choices I’m making!” pics on Instagram, and if I understood Twitter, I’m sure I’d see, “Look at the workouts I’m currently doing!” tweets and twitter pics (is that a thing? I think so…) I’m totally guilty of this. In fact, I have some pics from a workout on Saturday I’m totally going to post. Because I like posting that crap. Because I know you’re interested…yup, you know you are too.

Point is, sometimes it’s easy to feel down on yourself because it appears via social media that everyone is living this perfect life. And I’m not just talking health and fitness. Just life in general. You don’t see many statuses about feeling sad, being jealous, being insecure, feeling like a fatty, making bad choices, etc. (and when you do see those posts, it’s just uncomfortable, come on people, stop it. Stop being passive aggressive online. We aren’t in high school anymore and this isn’t your AIM away message. ) So, I wanted to blog about this because I think it’s an important thing to remember. For every LOOK HOW AWESOME MY LIFE IS status, post, tweet, instagram, etc, there are a ton of moments that person isn’t posting about. Yes they have beautiful children, but shit it’s hard to be up with them all night and then go to work. Yes, they got a new job and are making twice what you do and get to shop at Whole Foods without batting an eye, but they also have stress out the wazoo and work all the time and then have to deal with lines at Whole Foods (another huge dose of stress right there). Point is, nobody’s life is ever as badass as it appears (except for mine, clearly) (kidding, duh) and everyone has their own set of issues, setbacks, problems, you name it.

Here are some of mine!


On Saturday morning Emma and I did a workout called The Gauntlet…it’s as fun as it sounds…wearing weighted vests. I seriously felt like death the entire time, it was awful, one of the worst workouts I’ve had in awhile. Clearly I need to do it more often. What isn’t pictured here is me lying on the ground gasping for breath after hitting my head on the ground during a burpee. I basically threw my face into the ground. #fitandfab


#Everythinginmoderation…like drinking more than 5 drinks at a bach party, right? (sad face for how I felt Sunday morning) That’s my kind of moderation right there. Also, just a side note: I hadn’t started drinking when the pic on the left was taken, that’s just my real life face. This night was amazing and totally worth disregarding the phrase from hell. I love my friends 🙂


This isn’t an example of anything bad in my life, I just wanted to show off our friend’s new nursery that Chris and I painted on Saturday! Isn’t it pretty!? #Schoedelpaintingrocks Chris and I have amazing friends that we trade odd jobs with. They help us, we help them, neither of us pay a dumbass fix it man. Works out. And then we eat snacks together. What’s not to love. Seriously, I have the best friends ever.

More fun posts later this week. Prepare yourself.


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