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Social Media, Grouchiness, and Shaved Cats

Ah, almost a week without a post! I know that if I stop posting for more than a week, then I’ll get lazy and forgetful, and will stop posting all together, and then six months from now you’ll have to read another I’M BACK, AREN’T YOU EXCITED?! post…and you won’t be, cause it’ll just be annoying at that point.

So a couple weeks ago somebody posted THIS article on FB, which I saw, and obviously took great offense to, because clearly they were writing it about ME. (That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t catch that.) I did get all worked up about it, though, cause I do like to post about fitness and health and bla bla bla, and I don’t understand why somebody would get all worked up about seeing that stuff…but ok, so you don’t like seeing posts about other people’s fitness and healthy eating, fine…sooooo just unfriend them? Just don’t follow them on Instagram and Twitter maybe?? The internet is awesome because you can CHOOSE what to look at!!

There was recently a lot of attention given to THIS  lady, the real fit mom who posted a pic of herself lookin all hot with all three of her kids, with the caption, “What’s your excuse?”. People got all sorts of hot and bothered over this post, she even ended up being banned from Facebook for awhile. People called this ‘Fat Shaming.” Fat shaming….and then in response a group came out saying that the people angry about the post were, ‘Fit Shaming.” WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.

Those are the dumbest terms I’ve ever heard. If somebody posts on Facebook that they just got a new job and are moving to a great new giant house, I do not repost that and say LOOK AT THESE MONEY SHAMERS!!!! And then in response richy richers would not post WTF YOU ARE A RICH SHAMER!!!

In both of these scenarios we have jealousy, insecurity, and an overall discontentment with OURSELVES. It really has nothing to do with the other people. It has to do with us. It’s too bad that the internet gives us this outlet to shit talk each other in every possible way in every possible scenario just to make ourselves feel better.

I see a lot of: She isn’t breast feeding her baby?! SHE’S BAD MOM (but I’m insecure about being a stay at home mom and she gets to work full time) . He’s eating cookies?! UNHEALTHY SLOB (but I want cookies too but I’m afraid if I eat them I’ll feel bad about myself). They got a new car?! SHOW OFFS! (but if I had a new car I’d totally put it all over FB too)

Get my drift? Maybe we could all just admit to ourselves that we have insecurities, and stop attacking everyone else to make ourselves feel better. Instead, maybe look at why these things are making you feel that way. Maybe you can use these feelings to better yourself; set goals. Or maybe you can just keep your negative thoughts to yourself, or at least to your inner gossip circles. I know you have gossip circles.

Sorry this post was so serious, but these things really get under my skin. The internet gives people such an easy outlet to be cruel and hateful to other people, it’s a shame.

Want to end this read on a hilarious note…and be jealous of how amusing my life is?

We had to shave our cat because she got depressed and stopped grooming herself and was covered in matted down fur clumps that we couldn’t brush out.

Before:2013-10-04 18.53.24

Annnnd after:

2014-03-25 10.00.02  2014-03-25 09.59.56

How embarrassing!




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