Baltimore Running Festival Race Day!!

I thought this photo was appropriate because I’m wearing my Baltimore Relay shirt from last year in it…Of course I also look ridiculous…which makes it even more appropriate!

     The race is tomorrow and I’m SO excited! I get really revved up for race day, no matter what race it is! Race atmospheres are so positive and enthusiastic (qualities I sometimes need more of, for sure). Race day always makes me feel like I am an awesome running bad-ass. Which, obviously, is the truth. In my head at least.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my excitement for race day!! I love the whole experience…going to packet pickup (ok, this is usually a sh*t show of a time, but I still like it), running with people that are AMAZING and are doing the full marathon, and, of course, eating snacks and having beers after the race!! It’s always such a good day filled with fun times and good people!

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!!!