2 10k Races In Less Than 1 Month?!! Ah

It’s just now dawning on me that I am running two 10k’s mid April. I’m a big dummy and signed up for one 10k on Saturday and then another one the day after. I’m not signed up for any more races for the summer…just those two, back to back (ok except for THIS one, but it’s more of a fun race than a running a race for time race). My planning skills might need some help, cause the more I think about it, the more I realize: That shit is going to suck. I should have just signed up for another half marathon and just died that way. JUST KIDDING that is a way worse idea, at least now I get a night between halves of a half! … if that makes sense.

Anyhow, I haven’t run at all this winter. Yes, it’s been nicer out here and there, and I’ve seen people posting about their runs on those nicer days on Facebook. But guess what? Nice days just means the stupid snow has melted all over the sidewalk, creating mud that will just get all over me if I go for a run. So, no thanks. I’m just banking on my being in relatively good shape to be able to put a good solid two-three weeks of running in and be able to hold my own (aka run at least a 12min mile at both races).

Gone are the days that I vied for running a 10k under 60 minutes, when I cared a lot about running under 10min miles. Now, it’s ‘Yeah, I just crushed that 12min mile!’ … Actually, I’m pretty good at training MINIMALLY and then having pretty non embarrassing race day times. Not that I’d be embarrassed to run SIX MILES real slow. It’s six miles people. That’s a long haul. Training runs are always awful for me, though. Some people were born to run. They are made for it. My stubby legs were made for walking to the fridge. Or the wine rack….

This is the inspiration I need!


Anyhow, bring it double 10k weekend. I know at the end of you, I’ll be happy. Because not only is the Sunday 10k one of the my ultimate fave races (Clyde’s 10k in Columbia. Go sign up. Giant hill around mile 4. A real soul crusher), but it also has a GIANT BUFFET at the finish line. That always inspires me to run way faster, in fear that too many people will finish before me, and there will be no food left….hm, maybe I should start running now…

Here’s a little throw back to my first time running the Clyde’s 10k in 2009 (WHY was that so long ago!!) which was my first time running a 10k!


What up, 22 year old me. 

Also, I want to hang out with this girl, I like her style.


St. Charles 10 Miler


This race was HARD. I think part of that was most likely due to a few unfortunate factors combined…

1. I hadn’t really been able to eat much the week before.

2. I hadn’t really been MOVING much the week before.

3. I HATE running in any heat (which is why I signed up for Tough Mudder Virginia Beach on June 8??? Sorry team, I should have mentioned what a wimp I am in the sun!!!)

4. I dislike running up hills just about as much as I dislike running in the heat…and there were many of these:


This picture doesn’t do the hills justice…I was unpleased! (Yes, I used this blog as an excuse to stop and take a pic!! Like I needed an excuse for a break…) I definitely had a few moments at the tops of hills where passing out seemed imminent…but thankfully, I was able to power through and finish. Yay for finishing, although NOT my best time for a 10miler at all. Oh well, I’ve got two more lined up for this summer anyhow ­čÖé

On Monday night a friend and I planned a healthy dinner night, which was a lot of fun. She made curried sauteed chicken with spaghetti squash, and I made meatloaf and green beans.


Everything was SO GOOD. I started buying grass fed beef from Evermore Farm and it is amazing, plus I feel good about eating it. Seriously, if you can spare the money, it is a great investment. If the additives in commercially sold meat isn’t enough to turn you off of it, then the treatment of the animals might change your mind ­čśŽ Eat happy animals!! They taste better, for sure.

Here’s a pic of my workout buddies from this morning! I did 3 sets of:

10 pull ups (ok so I can do 1 full pull up with a jump start and then 9 hanging pathetic 1/8 pull ups)

10 push ups

10 tricep dips

10 bicep curls

10 tricep extensions (think this is what they’re called…)

5 lateral raises (this is pathetic, I know, but 10lbs is heavyyy!)

10 rotational dumbbell presses

Not so bad for a get up too late to gym it so have to work out at home workout!




Failed Lamb Shanks & Tough Mudder Excitement

This morning I tried the plyometrics disc of P90x. OMG. That shit is not easy. All that jumping about. I like to workout with no shoes on, which made it a teensy bit more difficult, as I was attempting to not twist the eff out of my ankles. Next time: sneakers.

Want to hear about the lamb shanks I made this weekend?! I thought so. Doesn’t that sound so fancy and yummy?? Lammmbbbb shanks. Either shanks aren’t for me or I sucked at cooking these shanks. It was suggested to me that I just bought bum shanks, but I’m gonna go with these other two options, cause these shanks were BAD. The sauce was good, but the shanks ended up kind of like shanky shoe leather that tasted…interesting. As Chris said, “Well, they aren’t BAD…” Right. But they aren’t good either!! Here’s a peak…they look good!

This is right after I bought them from the farmer’s market! Don’t they look pretty sitting with their good buddy brussel stalk?!


This is pre-cooking, shanks browned and put in the crock with onions, garlic, beef broth, and spices.


Unfortunately by the time they were done, I wanted to eat them so badly that I didn’t take a final picture. Anyhow, kind of a failed attempt at something different, but we still finished them. I made Chris some rice to go with his, and I made sauteed brussels for myself. YUM! I do love me some brussels like whoa. Crisped up in olive oil…or baked, whatever they are SO GOOD!

So this weekend I’m volunteering at the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic in West Virginia. When I volunteered to volunteer I didn’t know where it was going to be. Had I known that I would have to get up at 3am to drive 1.5 hours to West Virgina…I may have no volunteered. OK so I probably still would have. I’m actually REALLY excited about the whole weekend.

Upon arrival I’ll be able to choose an area to volunteer in, and I’m hoping to be able to volunteer along the course, either at an obstacle or at a water station. I want to spend quality time cheering people on!! I know a few people participating in the event, so I’m hoping to be able to cheer them on. My volunteer shift ends around 12:30, at which time I’m going to find myself some food somewhere in Martinsburg, and then check into my hotel. Why did I get a hotel you ask?? Because I’m going to run the TM on Sunday!! Obviously. I have no team, so I’m going to have to force some tall meaty men to throw me over the walls and such, but from my experience at the last TM, everyone is always working together.

If anyone wants to join me, if you volunteer on Saturday you can run it on Sunday for only $60!!! You know you want to!

Whole30 Challenge?!

Since I completed the half marathon a few weeks ago, I’ve had to lay off the gym/running a bit due to my knee being a little off. I figured giving it a break would be the best idea. You know what ISN’T the best idea?? To eat like a wolverine while you aren’t exercising at all!! I’ve totally gained like 5lbs back in about three weeks, which is really annoying. However, it’s all my fault, so I’m not about to get bent out of shape about it. Most of those cheats were in alcoholic form, which means I had a good time cheating, and I like good times. But, the ‘hey, let’s party and eat like we have 21 year old bodies with crazy fast metabolism’ days are over for the time being. Time to get serious again for a while (until the bachelorette party I have the first week of May anyway!).

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would commit to no alcohol during the week of April, which would help me get my health and fitness back on track again. However, when it comes down to it, I have to get even more serious, and need to also focus on the food I’m taking in. When I was at my most strict, and eating almost completely paleo, I felt my best. That’s where I’d like to get back to.

So, after long deliberation, I’ve decided to commit to completing the Whole30 Program, which can be found here: http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/. This program is outlined thoroughly on the website, and is completely free, so really, the commitment of finishing is all to myself, and nobody else. However, now that I’m broadcasting it here…I’d look pretty bad if I gave up!

Here is the basic outline of the program:

For 30 days, none of the following:

  • No added sugar, including maple syrup, stevia, splenda, etc.
  • No alcohol of any kind.
  • No grains whatsoever.
  • No legumes.
  • No carrageenan, sulfites, or MSG.
  • No dairy.
  • No white potatoes. (sweet potatoes = A OK)
  • Also, no weighing myself for the duration, as this isn’t the point of the program…this is a tricky one for me, I like to check in!
  • No attempting to make “paleo” desserts/breads/treats…there go my sweet potato brownies!!! ­čśŽ

Basically that’s it…super strict paleo eating…I think it’s gonna be hard, but I’m committed!! To all my friends…be supportive! Don’t offer me wine and yell at me if I start to slip up! Wish me luck!!!

One Beer = One Donut?! WHAT.

I’ve officially switched gyms! I’m very happy with my choice. I feel like working out around others that have a desire to do dynamic, exciting workouts is much more inspiring than working out around Planet Fitness’ ‘let’s walk on the treadmill on speed two and talk on the phone for twenty minutes and call it a workout’ patrons. AND at the new gym, Red Brook Health & Wellness, there is a Fall Fitness Challenge going on! What whaaat! I love a challenge. Especially one that makes me work out so much that I can’t move afterwards (it doesn’t take much).┬á

Anyhow, when you complete certain workouts, cardio, strength, bootcamps, running distances, etc., you get a certain point value, and the team with the highest point value wins at the end of the five weeks. There are couple pre-designed workouts that are worth bonus points that each participant can complete once a week. These workouts are NO JOKE. But I’m obsessed with them because I want to get as many points as possible!

We get weekly advice from our team captain, and this weeks advice was nutrition related! Helpful, right? Or maybe just DEPRESSING…because he informed us that one beer does the same to your body that one donut does!! I already don’t eat donuts because of how bad they are for me…but I do drink beer(s)!! Now that I have this picture in my head of eating a sixpack of donuts instead of beer…I’m gonna have to change my ways for sure…very upsetting!!! He did, however, suggest we drink 3-4 glasses of red wine per week as our only alcohol intake…that’s only one bottle!! And since I already had two last night…


Guess this weekend will be filled with glasses of water…yay hydration!

I’m running a 5k this Saturday, which should be fun, I’ll make sure to post about it in a timely fashion as opposed to my regularly SUPER SLOW posting style.

Baltimore Running Festival Race Day!!

I thought this photo was appropriate because I’m wearing my Baltimore Relay shirt from last year in it…Of course I also look ridiculous…which makes it even more appropriate!

┬á ┬á ┬áThe race is tomorrow and I’m SO excited! I get really revved up for race day, no matter what race it is! Race atmospheres are so positive and enthusiastic (qualities I sometimes need more of, for sure). Race day always makes me feel like I am an awesome running┬ábad-ass. Which, obviously, is the truth. In my head at least.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my excitement for race day!! I love the whole experience…going to packet pickup (ok, this is usually a sh*t show of a time, but I still like it), running with people that are AMAZING and are doing the full marathon, and, of course, eating snacks and having beers after the race!! It’s always such a good day filled with fun times and good people!

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!!!

Tough Mudder!


After Mud Mile

So per usual I suck at getting my posts written in a timely fashion! The Mudder was over two weeks ago and I’m just now getting my S together and blogging about it.┬áIn my defense I did get the mud flu after the race and was sick for about a week!! Yuck. My body was definitely letting me know that it was NOT PLEASED with getting smashed into mounds of mud. Wish I could have documented the bruises that I acrued from this extravaganza, but sadly, I slacked on that as well! My amazing teammates did, however, purchase underwater cameras for the race, which was an awesome idea! I’ve stolen some of their pics, as you can see above and below!

So, this is not an easy race. I had run the 10-miler two weeks before it, and had been doing a lot of bootcamp workouts to prepare, but sh*t, it was not a walk in the friggin park. First of all, how do you train to jump into a bucket of ice-cold water, and then swim under something in that water? (Literally, a giant bucket of water FILLED with ice) For those of you New Englanders…going to the ocean in Maine has got NOTHING on this ice water. It was hard to even catch your breath. Here is a picture of me in the icewater.

Ahhh it’s cold!

Looks like fun right?! I love that it looks as though I’m trying to keep my hands above the water…good luck with that, dummy, you have to go under!! Did I mention that this obstacle is named the Arctic Enema? So another obstacle that I didn’t specifically┬átrain for, and certainly paid for it, was leaping over trenches that were a couple feet wide. Maybe it was my short stubby legs or maybe it was my inability to judge distances well, but either way I SUCKED at this obstacle. And it was the 2nd one. At one point I completely missed the edge of the trench and crashed my neck/chest into it instead of landing deftly on my feet. Not an amazing feeling, especially since for the next few miles I felt as if a UFC fighter had roundhoused me in the lungs. Luckily my team was quite supportive and walked with me while I wheezed along. Around mile 5, somewhere after the Hold Your Wood obstacle (walking 1/2 mile while holding a log…I managed to find a mini┬álog) I began to feel better.

Large mountain of hay to climb over!

View from the top…that’s me on the left!

Some more pics for your enjoyment! The two below are some of my faves, just because I’m making ridiculous faces in them, which, as┬ámost of you know, is my style. But justifiably! In the first one I am about to army crawl through a bunch of electrified wires (it sounds worse than it really is, trust me….although I’m pretty sure these ones weren’t on, since the last obstacle also had these same wires and they were DEFINITELY on!). In the second one I’m just being silly, and wasn’t really that fazed by this obstacle, which was crawling through a tunnel dug out of the ground. It was actually beginning to lightning then, so I didn’t mind being undergound!

I’m effin nervous!!

Trench Warfare!

Needless to say, there is no way I, or probably about 90% of the other women who competed, could have completed this course without the assistance of our male team members, and all of the other helpful men running around throughout the course. Seriously, it was such an awesome event, everyone helped each other. I, on the other hand, did not help anyone, except to yell, “Yay!!” in encouragement. I was in serious NEED of help on these next two obstacles below. The first, the Berlin Walls, are a set of walls that the boys had to basically hoist us up and over. I definitely grinded a good bit of dirt into the shoulders, backs, and faces of my teammates while stepping on them to get over…sorry guys!! The second obstacle pictured is Everest. A 1/4 pipe we had to run up, and our teammates had to hoist us up and over the edge. This was a bit of a struggle, but I was determined, and had to recruit the assistance of random man on top of Everest by yelling like a spazz at him, “grab my leg, GRAB MY LEG!!!” … Classy.

They’re still smiling, this is before I stepped all over them.


Don’t I look like a badass next to these guys?! Makin’ my way over those walls!



Oh, and p.s….both of us (the girl in front of me was my teammate btw) made it up this obstacle first try. Cause we are awesome. (and because that guy grabbed my leg)

I’ll leave you with the last picture we took on the course right before the last obstacle, Electroshock Therapy (running through water and hanging electric wires charged to 10,000 volts…whaaat?!).

All smiles because we think it will be easy like the last shocking obstacle…but no!