2 10k Races In Less Than 1 Month?!! Ah

It’s just now dawning on me that I am running two 10k’s mid April. I’m a big dummy and signed up for one 10k on Saturday and then another one the day after. I’m not signed up for any more races for the summer…just those two, back to back (ok except for THIS one, but it’s more of a fun race than a running a race for time race). My planning skills might need some help, cause the more I think about it, the more I realize: That shit is going to suck. I should have just signed up for another half marathon and just died that way. JUST KIDDING that is a way worse idea, at least now I get a night between halves of a half! … if that makes sense.

Anyhow, I haven’t run at all this winter. Yes, it’s been nicer out here and there, and I’ve seen people posting about their runs on those nicer days on Facebook. But guess what? Nice days just means the stupid snow has melted all over the sidewalk, creating mud that will just get all over me if I go for a run. So, no thanks. I’m just banking on my being in relatively good shape to be able to put a good solid two-three weeks of running in and be able to hold my own (aka run at least a 12min mile at both races).

Gone are the days that I vied for running a 10k under 60 minutes, when I cared a lot about running under 10min miles. Now, it’s ‘Yeah, I just crushed that 12min mile!’ … Actually, I’m pretty good at training MINIMALLY and then having pretty non embarrassing race day times. Not that I’d be embarrassed to run SIX MILES real slow. It’s six miles people. That’s a long haul. Training runs are always awful for me, though. Some people were born to run. They are made for it. My stubby legs were made for walking to the fridge. Or the wine rack….

This is the inspiration I need!


Anyhow, bring it double 10k weekend. I know at the end of you, I’ll be happy. Because not only is the Sunday 10k one of the my ultimate fave races (Clyde’s 10k in Columbia. Go sign up. Giant hill around mile 4. A real soul crusher), but it also has a GIANT BUFFET at the finish line. That always inspires me to run way faster, in fear that too many people will finish before me, and there will be no food left….hm, maybe I should start running now…

Here’s a little throw back to my first time running the Clyde’s 10k in 2009 (WHY was that so long ago!!) which was my first time running a 10k!


What up, 22 year old me. 

Also, I want to hang out with this girl, I like her style.


Failed Lamb Shanks & Tough Mudder Excitement

This morning I tried the plyometrics disc of P90x. OMG. That shit is not easy. All that jumping about. I like to workout with no shoes on, which made it a teensy bit more difficult, as I was attempting to not twist the eff out of my ankles. Next time: sneakers.

Want to hear about the lamb shanks I made this weekend?! I thought so. Doesn’t that sound so fancy and yummy?? Lammmbbbb shanks. Either shanks aren’t for me or I sucked at cooking these shanks. It was suggested to me that I just bought bum shanks, but I’m gonna go with these other two options, cause these shanks were BAD. The sauce was good, but the shanks ended up kind of like shanky shoe leather that tasted…interesting. As Chris said, “Well, they aren’t BAD…” Right. But they aren’t good either!! Here’s a peak…they look good!

This is right after I bought them from the farmer’s market! Don’t they look pretty sitting with their good buddy brussel stalk?!


This is pre-cooking, shanks browned and put in the crock with onions, garlic, beef broth, and spices.


Unfortunately by the time they were done, I wanted to eat them so badly that I didn’t take a final picture. Anyhow, kind of a failed attempt at something different, but we still finished them. I made Chris some rice to go with his, and I made sauteed brussels for myself. YUM! I do love me some brussels like whoa. Crisped up in olive oil…or baked, whatever they are SO GOOD!

So this weekend I’m volunteering at the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic in West Virginia. When I volunteered to volunteer I didn’t know where it was going to be. Had I known that I would have to get up at 3am to drive 1.5 hours to West Virgina…I may have no volunteered. OK so I probably still would have. I’m actually REALLY excited about the whole weekend.

Upon arrival I’ll be able to choose an area to volunteer in, and I’m hoping to be able to volunteer along the course, either at an obstacle or at a water station. I want to spend quality time cheering people on!! I know a few people participating in the event, so I’m hoping to be able to cheer them on. My volunteer shift ends around 12:30, at which time I’m going to find myself some food somewhere in Martinsburg, and then check into my hotel. Why did I get a hotel you ask?? Because I’m going to run the TM on Sunday!! Obviously. I have no team, so I’m going to have to force some tall meaty men to throw me over the walls and such, but from my experience at the last TM, everyone is always working together.

If anyone wants to join me, if you volunteer on Saturday you can run it on Sunday for only $60!!! You know you want to!

Baltimore Running Festival Race Day!!

I thought this photo was appropriate because I’m wearing my Baltimore Relay shirt from last year in it…Of course I also look ridiculous…which makes it even more appropriate!

     The race is tomorrow and I’m SO excited! I get really revved up for race day, no matter what race it is! Race atmospheres are so positive and enthusiastic (qualities I sometimes need more of, for sure). Race day always makes me feel like I am an awesome running bad-ass. Which, obviously, is the truth. In my head at least.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my excitement for race day!! I love the whole experience…going to packet pickup (ok, this is usually a sh*t show of a time, but I still like it), running with people that are AMAZING and are doing the full marathon, and, of course, eating snacks and having beers after the race!! It’s always such a good day filled with fun times and good people!

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!!!

Pre Tough Mudder Post of Terror!

Alrighty, so as some of you may already know, this weekend I’m participating in the Tough Mudder. What uuup! For any of you who don’t know what the Tough Mudder is, check out the video below!

Who’s excited for my badass video embedding skills!! I’ve been superrrr stressed about this course, I mean sh*t who are we kidding, I’m not exactly a fitness badass. But hey, I’ve been training a crap load, and I think I’m gonna do alright! I’m not really excited for the whole getting electrocuted thing, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining it to be!!! We’ll see. Have I mentioned that the rest of my team consists of actual fitness badasses?! Sheeesh, it’s gonna be a fun filled day!!!

On a side note, as I’ve been writing this I’ve also been watching The Lucky One. Holly moly…super hotness! I mean, the movie is whatever, but the hot man in it!? Heck yes. I bet he’d effin crush the Tough Mudder. I say all this but I literally have no clue what is name is….the guy who was in 17 Again (also an amazing movie, if you’re into that craptastic sort of stuff).

Ok enough about chick flicks! Back to the pre mudder terror-fest! Like I said, I’m pretty nervous, but what I’m really fearing is relatively amusing actually. I bought these new short pants….I guess capris is a better term, but short pants is what came to mind…anyhow, I bought them for the race because I wanted something that would be light weight after swimming, but also long enough to sort of protect my knees. So basically I just spent $40 on some shmancy Under Armour spandex pants that don’t go all the way down my leg. Hence me calling them short pants. I’m not getting to the point! They are THIN pants, and they are the kind you aren’t supposed to wear underwear with (sorry if that’s tmi). Soooo here is my dilemma: What if they rip on something and I’m not wearing undies?! So basically I have to wear them (the undies), because even though chances are my ass won’t snag on something, now that I’ve thought of it, I can’t stop thinking about how horrible it would be….I’m running a course that is over 10miles long, with over 20 obstacles that include running up a quarter pipe, carrying an actual log, jumping from twenty feet into ice water, and getting electrocuted…and what am I worried about?! My pants ripping.